Dog Ball Launcher

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Made in the UK, our dog ball thrower is truly unique, allowing the ball to be released easily while throwing, requiring considerably less effort than most throwers and making it completely accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

The dog ball thrower is 70% smaller than most ball launchers on the market. It retracts to less than the length of a school ruler, at just 25cm, without compromising the distance it can throw a ball.

Comfort is important. Our handle and grip use a hybrid design that’s the end product of a lengthy testing process. Really lengthy, blending comfort and fit like a master winemaker blends grapes.

The plastic we use in our ball throwers is 100% sustainable, they are either made from recycled or plant based plastics.

Children must be supervised when using the ball launcher.

Keep periods of ball retrieval to a sensible level as part of your dogs exercise.

Refrain from using on hot days.

Expected delivery 3-5 days

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