Grain Free Dog Treat Box

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Supplied in re-cyclable packaging, our grain free treat box is packed with healthy highly digestible omega 3 & 6 treats! Suitable for dogs with diabetes or food intolerances, and can help support conditions such as insufficient amylase enzyme, which can cause difficulties digesting grains such as corn.

Your dog will be licking its lips in anticipation of….

150g Tuna & Trout Training Bites

Made from 100% gently steamed trout & air-dried Tuna fish. Our fish shaped treats are perfect for training both puppies and dogs.

Free from artificial additives & preservatives, gluten, grain, dairy, sugar, egg & wheat free. Our tuna & trout bites are hypoallergenic.

250g Fish Cubes – 100% Whitefish Skins

Dogs love dried fish snacks the delicious smell and its “crunchy” bite. You can feed the fish treats as a special treat or use to train commands.  

Dried White Fish Cubes are a delicious air-dried natural snack. These cut fish cubes contain a lot of valuable protein as well as calcium, phosphorus and sodium.

No artificial, additives or preservatives, made with 100 % natural ingredients, which means these are hypoallergenic too.  

100g Fish Sprats

Sprats are packed with healthy omega 3 oils which help promote a healthy digestive system while maintaining a glossy shine to your dogs coat.

Your dogs will simply love the Baltic sprats. The smell and the feel of the fish skin, gently air-dried with little heat, is immensely different from conventional snacks.

Rich in omega 3 and low in fat, these training treats ensure a balanced and healthy treat, packed with protein.  

ALWAYS supervise your dog whilst eating treats

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