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Our Range Of Dogs Beds

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, there's nothing better than curling up on a comfortable bed - just ask your dog! At DogStuff™ , we have a variety of the best dog beds, that offer both comfort and style at a great price. From quirky designs to luxurious deluxe dog beds, memory foam dog beds and everything in between, we are certain that you will find the comfortable bed that your dog has been dreaming of, colour and design is no problem either.

We provide a wide range of dog beds and mattresses that give your pet the comfort they need at the end of a long day - or even just for an afternoon nap. All our beds are handcrafted in the UK.

Choosing the right bed for dogs with special requirements:

  • Orthopaedic Dog Beds - Senior dogs may develop some conditions that affect their joints and muscles as they get older. Our range of orthopaedic dog beds with 100% memory foam slab makes sure that your dog has maximum support while simultaneously offering glorious comfort. Your old age pup will enjoy napping in one of these pain reducing beds, which actually make great beds at any age.
  • Box Dog Beds - Dogs love a special space to call their own and their natural instinct is to make a safe and secure den. Our box beds offer a great solution for doggies who love their own space to relax in.
  • Large Dogs - Big boys and girls need comfort too. We have a number of large UK made dog beds in our range, crafted especially for very large dogs and giant breeds.

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