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Key features of an Orthopaedic Dog Bed UK manufactured,  include a large solid memory foam layer, providing reduced pressure points, aiding better blood circulation which benefits the whole body.

All of our orthopaedic dog beds are constructed from a single piece of quality, 100% high density memory foam, so no lumps, bumps or unsupported limbs here!

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Orthopaedic Dog Bed


Did you know according to the APPA that 9 out of 10 dogs will suffer from arthritis and joint pain?

If your dog is having issues, they can really benefit from having that pressure is taken off their front and hind legs, as well as remove any pain with a dog bed for hip dysplasia. That same science of support can help younger dogs too! How? Well, read on!

So we already know if your dog is younger and not showing signs of joint problems, that it is most likely only a matter of time. The American Pet Product Association goes into further detail that if your dog lives to be 10 years or older, it is almost a certainty that they will have these afflictions.

By putting your dog on a large orphorpadic dog bed early in life, it can really help alleviate some of the issues that might occur later. Now joint problems are often inevitable and even genetic.

Memory foam crumbs are quickly becoming a thing of the past as pet owners become more and more aware of the science behind their dog’s bed.

Read more about orphorpadic dog beds in are blog article ‘What is an orthopaedic dog bed ?’

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