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Not all dog blankets are created equal! Whether you are looking for a dog blanket to protect your bed, a dog blanket for your sofa, a fleece dog blanket, a puppy blanket or any other kind of dog blanket, quality is everything!

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Dog Blankets For Couch


Dog blankets for couch need to be comfortable, breathable and washable, but they must also be able to cope with job at hand. Your dog blanket must endure muddy paws, chew toys and perhaps even the odd accident, particularly with puppies.

So, what makes an ideal dog blanket? What should you be looking for? Well, let’s start with the price…put simply, you pay for what you get, but you don’t always get what you pay for.

That may seem contradictory, so we will explain: You will never find a genuine luxury  dog blanket on the cheap, but you may well pay more than you should for a substandard dog blanket. Why?

Because with over 8 million dogs in the UK dog accessories are big business. As such, there are many pop-up businesses honing in on pet owners who want to do the very best by their pets.

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